PetFirst Review

Started as a small 2 person company in 2004, PetFirst has grown to be one of the largest pet insurance companies in North America. PetFirst’s goal is to offer every pet owner the best policies in the industry by working closely with customers to know exactly what they want. From cat insurance to dog insurance, PetFirst offers unlimited lifetime coverage and amazing add-on packages.


PetFirst offers illness and accident coverage, which is pretty much industry standard. However, what makes PetFirst really stand out is that they do not have waiting periods for patella issues, hips dysplasia, and orthopedic conditions. They also offer a wellness plan as an add-on to cover neutering and spraying, vaccinations, and other routine vet visits. Additionally, like most top pet insurers, PetFirst offers coverage for genetic conditions like hip dysplasia.

PetFirst covers:

  • Illnesses, accidents, and cancer
  • Congenital, hereditary, and chronic conditions
  • X-Rays, diagnostics, and ultrasounds
  • Hospitalization, exams fees, surgery, and medications
  • Holistic care
  • Emergency and specialty care

Benefit Limitations

Benefit limitations are one of the most important items to look out for when shopping for pet insurance as they are the sum total that you will be reimbursed for the year or for your pet’s life. PetFirst offers up to 3 different reimbursement amounts: $5,000, $10,000, and $20,000.

The company does not have a per incident or per illness limit. However, their annual limits can restrict you if your dog or cat gets injured or very sick. The $5,000 limit plan comes with a monthly deductible in the average pet insurance price range. The other two higher limit plans are more pricey, so it may be advantageous to compare insurance to find the best deal.

Reimbursement method

PetFirst gives clients the option of setting their reimbursement at 70%, 80%, and 90%. Most top pet insurance providers have a similar offer. They also pay out on the accrued vet bills. As with deductibles, your reimbursement largely depends on your monthly premium amount.


PetFirst offers a per-incident deductible, thus you can choose the amount: $50, $100, $250, or $500. With this arrangement, you only get to pay one deductible for a single incident, even if it is a repeat incident. For instance, if your puppy has a recurring ear infection, you will only pay a deductible for the first treatment. Thus, the company pays you back the full reimbursement percentage of the sum you paid during the vet visit. PetFirst also allows clients to upgrade or downgrade coverage at any time during the policy’s lifetime, which is a huge plus.

The cost of PetFirst

PetFirst’s lower annual limit plans are consistent with similar plans from other pet insurers. However, their higher limit plans are on the higher side compared to other providers. Cat insurance plans start at $9 per month while dog insurance plans start at $17.

Claims process

PetFirst stands out as a pet insurance provider that offers attractive pet discounts every year you do not make a claim. They have a standard claims procedure. You pay your vet bills upfront, submit claim form with the relevant invoices and receipts, and provide the veterinary medical notes (a.k.a SOAP notes). You have to submit all your claims within 90 days of treatment or the invoice date. Expect a check in the mail!


PetFirst offers the best pet insurance deals for families looking to insure more than one pet. Their discounted family packages offer cost-effective care compared to most competitors in the pet insurance industry. This, coupled with great customer service, makes PetFirst one of the best pet insurance providers in America.