Embrace Pet Insurance Review

Founded in 2003, Embrace Pet Insurance prides itself on offering humility, giving back to the pet community, and practicing green and environmentally friendly initiatives. They play flat rates on claims and are very transparent in their coverage, which translates to fast payouts and broad coverage.

What is covered?

Embrace Pet Insurance offers a standard plan that covers the typical accident and illness conditions. Additionally, it also covers treatments that most puppy and kitty insurance providers do not, such as behavioral therapy, alternative treatments, prescription medications, as well as prosthetics. Pet owners can personalize their plans to fit their budget and needs.

You can also boost your plan with an optional coverage for your pet’s routine care and procedures. The wellness rewards option also works as a flexible spending account by giving users an annual $250 to $600 to cover heartworm and flea prevention, dental cleanings, nutritional supplements, prescription medications, and spraying and neutering.

Embrace Pet Insurance plans cover the following:

  • Illnesses, accidents, and cancer
  • Hereditary, congenital, and chronic conditions
  • X-Ray, ultrasound, and diagnostic conditions
  • Emergency and specialty care
  • Surgery and hospitalization
  • Holistic care

Benefit limits

Embrace Pet Insurance offers an annual customizable maximum, although the highest limit is lower compared to other providers. Through customized options, pet owners are able to get value for money. This is a great option when you are getting insurance for a younger pet.

The annual lower limit is $5,000 while the higher limit is $15,000. This might be limiting if your pet requires multiple, serious procedures or cutting-edge treatment.

Reimbursement method

Embrace Pet Insurance plans are customized to fit every budget and need. They will cover between 65% and 90% of your vet bill. Opting for a lower reimbursement percentage will lower your monthly premiums. Embrace’s Wellness program offers three options: $250, $450, or $650 allowance per policy year.

Embrace Pet Deductibles

Embrace offers a range of deductible options: $100, $200, $300, $500, $750, and $1,000. Thanks to a wide range of options, pet owners have the flexibility to design a policy that suits their budgets. As with most providers, opting for a higher deductible means a lower monthly premium.

Embrace Pet Insurance plan costs

Embrace’s monthly premiums cost slightly higher than their competition. However, these higher premiums come with broader coverage. And thanks to the wide range of options, the policy is customizable, enabling pet owners to keep premiums as low as they need.

The starting monthly premium for cats is $9 and $13 for dogs. There is a 5% discount for customers with neutered or sprayed pets.

Claims process

To make a claim, just download and fill in a claim form from their website or request that it is mailed to you. The claims form must be filled by a licensed veterinarian. You can also upload your claims form through MyEmbrace, their online customer portal.

Enrollment and waiting period

Compared to other providers, Embrace’s waiting periods are pretty standard. The waiting period for accident and illnesses is 14 days. You can enroll your pet as young as 6 weeks old. However, the maximum enrollment age is 14-years old.


With a customer-focused pet insurance company like Embrace, you will always have the peace of mind knowing that your pet is their focus. Their insurance plans cover almost every conceivable issue your pet could face, and they provide great support in the event of a problem. The only major downside is their low annual limit that a sick pet can easily exhaust with a single visit to the vet.